Painting cutting boards

Does anyone paint your cutting boards? If so what kind of paint do you use?

As a person who cooks and uses cutting boards every day, I can’t imagine the utility of painting a cutting board. But let us know what the use case would be and why you would like to color it.

If I wanted to highlight a design with color, I would make a sign or something else for that design rather than put it on something that could be used. I like both sides of the cutting board accessible, but can tolerate a lightly engraved bamboo or hardwood one and chop veg with. As long as I can scrub with a brush. Don’t want to get into the discussions of cutting board safety.

If the cutting board is purely decorative, any kind of acrylic craft paint would work.

If you want to have a usable board with a colored design, a deep engrave with colored epoxy would work. Then you could sand it smooth. Again not my choice for a cutting board. But might work for a decoration.


I’ll add, no, haven’t seen anyone paint a cutting board.

… but as stated above, if it’s just for decoration, use whatever paint you like. It’ll be easier to paint if you mask it, engrave the design, then apply paint before removing the masking. Light colors show up better if you put down a layer of silver first.


Thank you! makes really good sense

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