Painting on Draftboard

Hello. I was just looking to get opinions on painting draftboard and does it produce a nice smooth finish. I currently use Columbia Forrest 1/4” maple plywood to score and or engrave a design and then I paint with Posca paint markers and then clear coat it. Just checking if anybody has painted draftboard and their thoughts. Attached are a few examples of what I like to do. I am also open to other suggestions on products. Thank you in advance.



Draftboard tends to absorb a lot of paint. One of the tricks I have used to compensate is treating it with sanding sealer before painting.


I have painted on draftboard the same as on Purebond maple ply - scoring first prevents the colors from bleeding over to adjacent areas. I have also run a second score to burn out any color that may have made it into the first-pass score lines.


Well, you’re already getting good results with whatever your process is now… but if you want to deep dive, this is one of those topics that comes up pretty regularly. Lots of threads to choose from:


I paint on draftboard all the time. I’ve never worried about it being a little bit rough, and my customers haven’t minded it at all. They know it is all hand done, and it adds to the charm of buying something personal.


Thank you all