Painting silicone IPhone watch bands - How to seal?

I’m currently engraving a bunch of iPhone watch bands for customers and then painting the engraving with Sharpie oil-based paint markers. What should I use to seal the band after paint, so that the Sharpie doesn’t rub off?

Thanks in advance!

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In my experience, nothing.

Silicone is used in many applications specifically because nothing sticks to it. Baking sheets, molds, whatever.

I tried “painting” more (clear) silicone over and it just flaked off in no time. If it didn’t cure together, you can’t get a new layer to stick. Even flexible epoxy resin just flakes off. It’s no surprise to me because I use a silicone mat to mix up epoxy, paint, etc, and everything just flakes off once dry.

Engrave deep, use a flexible pigment, and hope for the best.


Or use two color silicone.