Painting Unmasked Acrylic Engrave

I chose to engrave my white acrylic with dawn dish soap as my protective layer, but will need to paint the engraved areas. Once the paint dries in the engrave will I be ok to wipe the surface paint off? Or is this going to totally ruin my project?


Have you considered using paper masking tape on the acrylic? You could mask the acrylic, engrave it, then paint it. When the paint is dry, remove the masking.


Thank you so much for your reply. Yes, that is how I have done it originally. I have learned recently using Dawn dish soap eliminates the “fog” that occurs - even with masking. However, every one that recommends the Dawn, doesn’t end up painting. So I am wondering if it will work with what I am trying to do.

I would presume that as long as you use a paint that’s not water-soluble after it dries, you should be able to wash off the soap - but definitely test!

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