Paired box gift set

Hey. We’re Chrysos and Smyrna. We’re flattered, but we’re taken.

Two gift boxes, one design you’re seen before, one is a variant on a spindle shape I did with layers before.


  • Satin Polyurethane finish.
  • ~2" diameter, 1.25" tall. (ten layers).
  • Everything else you would want to know is in previous posts.

My dad is a lifelong train aficionado, his wife’s family were fine clockmakers. The RR crossing sign is a slam dunk, the second design is an escapement gear. Hopefully she will not look at me like I have two heads when she receives it.

Spalted Elm, Black Walnut

The spiral shape is a repeat design, but I love it so here we are. The spindle shape is a much gentler curve than the previous version. I wanted something a little more subtle that would roughly match the hex box in diameter – they’re being presented as a set, so some similarity is preferred.

Spalted Elm, Black Walnut

Anyone who’s seen my other box posts will recognize the interiors here. It’s a very effective design and I’ll keep making them for a while.

Spalted Elm, Black Walnut, Neodymium magnets, Brass pins

Fun fact, the layouts are so similar that the lids fit each other. Also intentional, but just as a lark. I considered reversing the magnet polarity between the boxes, so that each lid would fit only one base, but decided why not let them mix.

Spalted Elm, Black Walnut

Not pictured: the underside of the lids are backed with a spacer/magnet receiver of mahogany, just because.

Final thoughts:

I was under the gun making these, I got them both completed over the course of about 4 hours of work. A lot of that time is spent assembling (pins and glue are a slow process), I’m getting pretty speedy at the sanding. I need to make some faster way to get the pins in. Maybe I’ll ease the diameter on all but the top and bottom layers so that it goes together more smoothly. We’ll see.


So you are up and running again? These are, of course, beautiful.


Spalted elm, eh? I’m gonna have to look for some of that 'cause that is GORGEOUS.


Yeah I love what it does on the edges. Spalted maple is easier to source and does similar stuff.

I’ve got some spalted tamarind I’m waiting to try!

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Great stuff - again!


These are great pieces as all your work.


Love the spalt, looks great on the sides.


Great gifts for them! Love the look of the sides, first glance made me think of cork.

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