Palette Clock

Latest project… my wife came home a few days ago and said she registered me to sell my lampwork and laser cutting items at a local art league. Didn’t really have any laser cut items available so I came up with this.

I have some ideas for a few variations including using acrylic pie slices for the color chart so my wife doesn’t have to paint the color wheel for me :slight_smile:

Overall, pretty happy with the way it turned out.



Nice work!


Artists are gonna snap those up! (My mom would like one.) :smile:


That’s pretty cool! Makes me wonder what it would look like if it was painted kind of along the lines of ambient light with corresponding time. :thinking:


Thanks! If they’re going to sell, I really need to switch to acrylic wedges so my wife doesn’t have to paint them :slight_smile:

I like the texture of the paint, but that would definitely get old fast, if I had to paint it.

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Wouldn’t you need a 24 hour clock for that? i.e. 1am is typically really dark, 1pm is typically very bright. But cool concept.


What if you pre-paint 12 circles with a roller or rattle can, then cut them out? Then you can reassemble into the natural finish border when the paint is dry.

[editing, since it didn’t even make sense to me.]

Prepare 12 blanks.
Engrave words, figures, and brushes.
Cut outline.
Cut clock circle.
Repeat, but leave the last border on crumb tray held in place with magnets or tape. (Unless you have snapmarks.)
Paint cut out clock circles 12 different colors.
When paint is dry, install clock circles one at a time and cut pie slices.
Reassemble - probably face down and laminate a back on it to keep all the pieces in place.
Glue on numbers.
Clear coat front.
Install clock.

If you make the circle just the least bit oval, you would ensure that the pie pieces would only reassemble correctly.


Awesome piece to come up with under a time constraint.


Nothing like being pressured into creating things for sale…unexpectedly. Having her paint her many paint slices seems fair. :slight_smile:

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Why are you throwing reality at my unthoughtout ideas? :wink:

Fine… attach painted veneer to the hour hand that fans out daytime and nighttime schemes. :joy:


A really cool clock for a studio … Nice job!

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