Paper airplane maker

More gold from Hack-a-day…

Laser cut device that makes paper darts out of misprints. :sunglasses:


Something we thought we’d never see … And here it is!

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Well, have you built one yet? :grinning:

Not yet. Maybe after the guys in spacesuits are finished with mold mitigation work at the house. :worried:


Oh crud! :neutral_face:


Oh man, in the basement?
My new home had an issue in the crawlspace under the floor because the perimeter drain was thrown up against the foundation wall and covered with dirt instead of being properly trenched with the required slope to the sump pump, and no vapor barrier on the ground.

US home came in with a crew and did the required work, sure glad I discovered the problem while under warranty and I didn’t have to bear the cost of that!
It was because of that I bought that high power vent fan.

Sorry for your trouble.

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I mean, it’s impressive but it doesn’t look like a good paper airplane :grin: . If only I could design something to do that with the paper airplanes I make…

Some people are never satisified… How about this one?


If you make that with the Glowforge, that will definitely be satisfactory :smiley:

Hahaha it’s awesome!