Paper Fragment Clean Up

I was just removing lots of tiny little bits of paper from my Seklema mat and, skimming the forum. The post from @Carol about using a lint roller made me wonder if this community is aware of the Lil Chisler tool. I think it is pretty well know among CNC cutting machine users.

After running a job, I can just scrape all the bits off into the trashcan. It is also useful for smoothing down a substrate like paper to make sure it adheres evenly to the mat before running a cutting job.

You can mostly do the same thing with an expired credit card, depleted gift card, etc. The beveling on the Chisler makes it a little easier to work with, though.



If you can find it, this works even better than the Lil Chisler. It’s called an Allway Paint Remover Shovel. (They used to sell them at Sherwin Williams Paint Stores, but that is the only place I ever found them, aside from this listing on EBay.)

It scrapes off the bits, and scoops them onto the shovel at the same time, so they don’t wind up all over the floor. :grinning:


You guys are fancy with your appropriate, well designed tools. I use a razor blade in a little holder thing that I randomly found. It adds a really fun element of danger.

Especially since I think I might be overdue for a tetanus booster…


I have a box of razor blades I use for all sorts of things. I would be afraid of damaging my mat with those in this case.