Paper Fun with Seklema Mat

Thanks, I am just using regular veneer, no backer, no finish.

I tried a piece of thin wood and it would not stick at all. However, I have found that masking sticks to the mat quite well, so it’s a simple matter to mask the back side of the veneer for this purpose. Not sure if it would hold tightly if the wood was badly warped.

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Good info. Thanks for checking

I just so happen to be using a Seklema mat in the GF while catching up on some reading in the forum.

I have noticed that the fan is strong enough to lift the edge of 110 lb. piece of paper just a bit. I cut first, so the paper being lifted a bit is “waste.” The design is sticking.



Thanks Rebecca for the answer.
Appreciate it.

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Glad to find this thread. I use one of these mats on my Roland EGX-20 engraver and really like it.

I don’t know how I missed this thread originally. Ive been wasting a lot of time trying to figure find a repositionable or temporary adhesive that is laser safe. Aleenes tack it over and over is what a lot of people use to restick cutting mats for cricuts and silhouettes and knks and whatever elses (well, spray adhesive is popular, too, but thats more trouble than its worth, imo. Literally. I just buy new mats). But I cant figure out if it would be okay to laser. I think it might be a pva glue, and I found an overview of the msds that just says its non toxic, non flammable, non reactive, and contains no known hazardous ingredients. But I can’t even figure out if that means its laserable or not. Does anyone know? The ingredients are apparently a deep dark secret, but my Google skills might be to blame.

Because if that glue is laser safe, I feel like a diy alternative to this mat could be worth the hassle.

I’ve been using a scrap piece of plywood sprayed with Krylon repositionable spray as a cutting mat to cut paper. It works well. Maybe not for tissue paper, but sturdier stock you can just scrape right up.


I’ve used my Seklema to hold down an anodized aluminum business card. I line the mat up on the GF bed using my carpenter’s square, then use part of the Seklema logo to place my object squarely. Works pretty darned good!


Well we bought and received the Seklama Mat about a week ago and I’m looking for suggestions on how to cut it down to fit our Glowforge. We do not have access to a plastic shear, we do use Festools and have one of their circular saws that I have cut plastic with before. We did reverse the blade to cut the plastic though.

I think I just used a large pair of tin snips on mine—it wasn’t difficult to cut. You might be able to cut it with a carpet blade.

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I used a utility knife (the kind that hold a razor blade – using a fresh blade) and a steel ruler with finger protection. Once you have cut most of the way through, you can just bend to finish snapping it off.

how do you get glow forge to select paper in “select materials”?

There are no preset settings for paper,you have to make your own. Start very light and work up till you are just cutting through.

And then save the settings as a custom saved setting so next time it’s just a click away.


Wondering what exact size to cut the Seklema mat down to? I bought the 12 x 24 inch one.

what size did you cut your mat? 12 x 20?

Cut it to the same size as a new sheet of Proofgrade material. (Just use that for a guide.)

It’s actually a little larger than 12 x 20.


Yes, I believe I did 20x12.


Me three: I have cut two down to 12”x20”.