Paper Rocket Template

A while back my daughter and I built an air compressed paper rocket launcher similar to the one in this video, but with some of our own modifications. Cutting out the rocket was always the most time consuming part. So made a design that seems to work well. It’s designed to be cut on 80lb cardstock. The SVG file should split up into three parts. Here are the settings.

Height: .01
Fold/Glue lines: 500/10
Text: 500/5
Cut: 500/65

It’s made to fit around a 1/2 inch launch tube with a little bit of space so that it slides off easily. I used a glue gun to put everything together. Even if you don’t build the launcher, it may be a fun project for a kid.



Fun project!

Great use of the Glowforge. Less time producing rockets means more time launching. Fun project.

Thank you for sharing

That’s fabulous!

So you are aware, per the :glowforge: lawyers we’re only allowed to post non-default settings in the Beyond the Manual section. You can create a post there and link it to this one and then delete the settings from here so all the boxes are checked :slight_smile:


Thanks! I actually just edited it and moved the whole post to the “Beyond the Manual” section.


Cool build! Now we need an action shot.