Paper Towel Roll Holder to Folding Paper Towel Holder! Free SVG!

Hi there!

During this shelter in place period, many of the grocery stores do not have any more paper towel rolls :roll_of_toilet_paper: for sale. And if they do, they are charging an arm and a leg for a roll ($2/roll at my nearby store!). :money_with_wings: :money_with_wings:

Luckily at my work office, I’m allowed to get / borrow / steal / take / whatever-you-wanna-call-it foldable paper towels. But we don’t have any folding paper towel holders at home, nor do I think many of you have those holders at home either. :slightly_frowning_face:

That was the inspiration for this project. Introducing…

The Paper Towel Holder to Folding Paper Towel Converter!

Warning: it’s made with cardboard at this time because I RAN OUT OF MATERIALS!! OH NO!!

And Amazon’s shipping speed has gone to ****. Gotta make do with what we have, right? (Maybe I’ll paint it one day if I have time… or remake it when more materials are available…) :laughing:

Finished product.

Side view with hole.

Free SVG here:
Paper Towel Box

I’ve decided that the bottom piece would need to be made of a more durable material, because pieces of paper would need to be pulled out of it and there’s friction. Cardboard box just won’t cut it.

The entire box is held together with masking tape for now. Guess you can call this a poor man’s box!

Also, feel free to modify the SVG. I think the hole size of where the papers are coming out should be a bit larger. Mine take a bit more force than I wanted for the papers to come out.

Hopefully this can help someone else out there!!

Take care during this difficult time. Stay safe, and we’ll get through this difficult period together! :grinning:

Here are more photos for entertainment purposes only:

Literally started as a “napkin sketch”.

Cardboard isn’t my favorite material to work with, since thickness varies a lot! Finished piece has a burnt side - thankfully, nothing caught on fire. :fire:

MDF “bottom”, with cardboard sides, with masking tape.



Very clever! And very useful…thank you for sharing!


Nice. Katom Restaurant Supply ( has folding paper towels in stock at $18 for 3200.

Haha nice. Just found some on Amazon: $21 for 4000! :open_mouth:

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Excellent solution! I was going to go that route but managed to snag a pack of regular rolls at Sams Club. When they run out, I’ll be back here.

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I thought the % indicator on the side was really funny and clever. You do what you gotta do these days! Thanks for the share :slight_smile:

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I love these kinds of designs. Two years later I still have a cardboard kleenex box cover and have never upgraded to nice material.


very good idea!

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