Papyrus Squared


OK, so @cynd11 your wish is my command. I got some papyrus (god I love the internet) and attempted the papyrus squared challenge. The 1%/350 is still too hot, but maybe with the next lower-low settings we can truly engrave it…

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Man, I’m so glad we don’t take things seriously around here…chuckle! :grin:


Good thing that art & design aren’t considered intellectual.

Ya know, 'cause



I know, I know…but i still like Comic Sans and Papyrus.

So shoot me! :wink:


Me too!!!


Nah. Font police don’t carry guns. Dem’s dah grammah popo what you done be thunkning 'bout. Or maybe: teh; PUNK2ashun and sp311ing copz¿


I love it! Just one little thing, though. It’s papyrus^3. You know, ‘papyrus’ in the Papyrus font, on papyrus. (Do it again)


Pappy cubed! :sunglasses:


groovy. There’s something very sci-fi, time-travel-ish about laser engraving a sheet of papyrus. :thinking:


Step away from the serifs and nobody has to get hurt…


Add me to that list!


I think I just popo’d… :laughing:


Ha! Serious lol

#14 From SNL last night


Ohmygosh that was hilarious!