Parametric bed with jig support

I changed the title of the post, since it’s not really an ‘adjustable’ bed.

I have a project that is too big to engrave & cut on the standard bed in the GF, but I need to be able to support some jigs for placement of items.

EDIT: This bed is not intended to have objects cut on it; other than the cardboard jig; which should not be cut at full power.

After scouring YouTube and the forums for ideas, including @bbum’s riser project, I came up with this parametric Draftboard-based bed with clips that can hold cardboard in place as a jig. This way, I can cut the cardboard and drop the items I need in a predetermined location.

I’m posting it in BtM, because it does introduce more air around the cardboard, and may cause small flair ups in the machine; so, it may be a bit more risky to use. Here’s a Fusion 360 rendering of the bed, which I’ve used for a couple of test jobs; engraving simple items that are thicker than .5".


It needs a bit of cleanup before I post the parametric version, but if anyone wants to do something similar, I’ve attached a sample project based on Medium Draftboard, assuming 6mm thick cardboard for the jig holder. This version assumes the object is no larger than .75" in height.

Laser Bed (4.2 KB)

Here’s a render of the bed with 1" of clearance. The clips are designed in the parametric model to keep the bottom of the cardboard at the height of the standard GF tray.

And another of the version of the bed with 1.25" of clearance.


Very cool. Definitely had projects where this woulda been useful


Looks nice! :grinning:


I originally thought that I would have a couple of different beds of different clearances, but now I’m thinking that I just have a primary bed with the ability to clip risers to the bottom to raise or lower it as needed.


Not in this render: I’ll just model some clips that can be used to keep each riser (.25in each) clipped to the bed or riser above.