Parametric Pandemonium 🙄



How you can tell that you do NOT have the box parameters set up correctly in your F360 file… :smile:


Ha! Anyone who has not had one look something like this has never tried to master paramiters.


That isn’t what you wanted? :laughing:


Has a strangely gothic look to it !


It looks like a gothic desk organizer!


I’ve been there! Super-frustrating.


That seems about right. :slight_smile:


I thought it was a picnic table caddy - spaces for ketchup/mustard bottles (or salt & pepper) and utensil cubbies.


Actually, it’s going to be a fully parametric 6-pack tote design - scalable based on bottle size.

(Needs work.) :smile:


You clearly have too many picnic tables if you need a caddy to carry them all.


Company functions. (Must sweeten up the employees at the regular pancake breakfasts.) :wink:


If they’re all getting 6-packs, that’s a little more than sweetening 'em up. LOL.


ROFL! I was thinking of a tote of syrups of various flavours but your idea might be a better way to go. :smile:


I thought it was a silverware caddy for inside the dishwasher!


Maple syrup is for afternoon coffee… and I could use a tote bag for the amount of coffee I drink daily!