Party ideas

I was really hoping to have my glowforge by the end of March! Both of my boys have birthdays coming up and we are really big on DIY parties. We are doing Pokemon theme and Minecraft. I have thought of so many great things that would be cool to make with the glowforge. We make all the decorations and cakes by hand. It would be great to test the glowforge on fondant! We could also have some great take home gifts. I’m not the artist, but my husband is. He was a welder fabricator. We are excited to test what the glowforge can do.

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Keep in mind that it has been suggested that you not use your GF on both food and other materials like Acrylic due to the chance of contamination of the food.

I would guess you would be ok cutting paper products in the same unit as food but anything else i would suggest getting 2 units. One for food product and one for everything else. But that can be said about any tool.

I’ve seen a reference to fondant a half dozen times in this forum. I finally looked it up. Since I didn’t even know what fondant was, it won’t likely be mixed with my acrylic pancakes.


Yeah, I finally looked it up this morning, too.

I have decided to test some food products first. I am going to make special shaped cookies for my pharmacy team. Rx bottles,pill shapes,
mortar and pestle. We have purchased the pro so maybe someday we’ll buy a second non pro one for food as we love making cool cakes.

Hi @danielleannalee,

Here are links to two different threads on food. I hope this information helps.