Pass through gasket

I love my Pro with the pass through. I have yet to use it for larger than bed size projects but it does allow me to use the more economical 20" X 48" proofgrade materials and get the most out of each sheet. Also I can orient the material so the grain is in the desired direction.
The one problem when using the larger sheets in the GF is removing them. Sliding the material through the pass through gasket is no problem until you get to a portion of the stock that has been removed. The material hangs up on the gasket and it is a pain to have to lift up the gasket, pull the material out a little bit until it hangs up again, etc.
Anyone else experiencing this and any suggested solutions?

Yes, actually there is something that might work…I slide a thin plastic cutting mat on top of the material when I’m pushing it in, and then keep pushing the mat all the way through to remove it before making the cut. It just keeps the flap from hanging up in the cutouts.


I typically tip the door halfway open and angle the material up and just pull it all the way through. This relies on not having too much material in the machine (it’ll hit the laser gantry if it’s too far in and you try to tip it up like that).

Also, what @jules said, but really anything works. I use a piece of cardstock if I really need to back something out.


Just to make sure, the passthrough is designed to be one way - pass through the front to the back. Are you trying to slide it back out the front?


I’ve toyed with the idea of making a mod for this, basically screwing the flap into a hinge so the you can flip the whole thing up. Maybe I’ll prototype the thing before my flap gets damaged. Meanwhile, I just insert a thin sheet of cardboard on top of the cut material and slide it out smoothly while holding the cardboard in place.


Duh! Never used the back slot. Forgot it was even there.

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I recall the question came up about a year ago and @Jules at that time recommended those thin cutting sheets. I keep one of those about just for that. As it is smooth I have no trouble pulling it either way.

What I have noticed is that particularly when the material is covering most or all of the crumb tray even with the exhaust fan working well, the smoke pumping into the crumb tray escapes out the front and provides pressure enough to exit the Glowforge Under that wood. One of those laser pointers will highlight even thin smoke and I discovered it in fair amounts,

When the plywood is 20x48 inches then I use it that way as well but when it comes in 48x96 inches then 96/5= 19.2 and the 0.2 about the saw width so I get it cut into 5 - 19x48 sheets that fits most of my needs.

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