Pass Through my Passthrough, Puzzle!

I didn’t want to run a big print through the printer for just testing the passthrough, so I loaded in some blank chipboard along with a small spacer that I had cut on the mat cutter from some scrap. Cut it by hand. Yup. Why the *#^% did I buy a laser again!?

Taped the spacer to the rail and set up a quick 500-piece puzzle in Illustrator. Broke the design down into 3 sections of 8” and sent her to the Glowforge. Oh - along with a small line that I scored on the spacer for alignment. Cut. Slide. Cut. Slide. Cut. Slide.

Worked pretty good. The max I was off on sliding the uncut piece up for the next cut was about 1/16th of an inch.

I measured the spacer and left about as narrow of a margin as I could between the cutout and the puzzle, which you can see on the left side of the image.

Now, I own the puzzle from hell. A 17 3/4” x 23 1/2” puzzle with nothing on it. I gave up on assembly. Will sell at a discount to whomever wants it. Great gag gift? :thinking:


What a great test of the passthrough! So much fun to finally see some projects making use of it.


Just being lazy myself. I could of cut the piece into smaller bits but said screw it.

I divided the cad and have a guillotine cut to go to the next section

Alignment software would of made this a tad easier. Hoping by Christmas for that.


Bruce: Think of what excellent training it is for your visual memory.


Awesome idea!


Some people out there like a good challenge. We gave her Mother, a jigsaw lover a 1,000 piece puzzle, it was red.


Has she finished it yet? :smile:


Took her about a week.


Was I the only one to watch all 17:53 of that? And enjoy it

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No. No you were not.

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Unfortunately is was the only clip I could find at the time.

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It’s even better (worse?) that you can’t tell which pieces are upside down. Cool test!

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