Pass through, not really

When I plopped a piece of 12 x 20 PG in the machine and printed the founder’s ruler I was saddened by the waste at the edges. So I used the pass through for my next cut and was much happier.


Good use case but there really isn’t any waist. The cutoffs just become smaller projects until there is not much at all left.


Sure, but I would like better nesting from the start. Even if it is just one project at a time. :wink:

One interesting note is the first time I placed the acrylic the forge couldn’t read the QC. It was in just the right place that the lights from the lid were causing glare on the sticker. Matte stickers FTW. :slight_smile:


That is a stupidly obvious use for the passthrough slot.

Thanks for pointing that out! I’ll probably use that feature right now!



An added benefit Is you get to wear the cool glasses. :rofl:

On a side note with all the magnets I was able to not have to support the acrylic on the outside.


I like your approach, but have one question – would you need as many magnets if the sheet was inserted so that “feed” edge was closer to the back of the bed instead of at the front? I don’t have a Pro, but it seems like that would result in more than 50% of the sheet inside and supported on the bed, which might be more stable. Zero criticism of your technique – I’m honestly curious about this.


I’m not entirely sure I understand what’s being pictured here, but I think I get it.

I typically buy 12"x24" acrylic sheets from my local plastics place, and since they don’t quite fit on the bed, I feed them through the passthrough, sticking out the back. I’ll do some cuts on one end and then use a file containing a single horizontal line to slice a piece off and leave a sheet that doesn’t need the passthrough next time. In my experience, I don’t need any more magnets than I’d normally use.


I did the old import artwork with a single cut line on it last night. That worked pretty good, but why you can’t do so directly in the interface is one of many “WTH?” questions left unanswered.

Were we supposed ot be able to draw a line directly on the object and cut it too?

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Two things. First you can support the sheet on the outside of the GF. The magnets worked well enough I took the lazy route. Once I get my bench build it will be easier to do things like this.

The only reason I put it half way is because I was doing a small object and wanted it to be near the center of the bed for better alignment. I wanted to see how well I could place it without running off the edge of the material. It was only a small piece and I have a box of 100 magnets. :wink:

My machine seems to have better alignment front to back than it does side to side. It was only my first cut after the founder’s ruler so I’m sure there is much I could do differently.

Same idea. Only my second cut and I had the magnets. I picked up a bunch of material today. The wood stock I’ll be cutting down on the table saw so I can make more useful sizes.

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