Pass Thru printing

Hi, Can anyone help explain how I can cut a 28 inch design using the pass Thru option and getting the design lined up? I’ve not been successful yet.


This isn’t a technical support issue so I’ve moved it to an appropriate forum.

You’ll find many tutorials on using the pasthrough functionality in the Tips and Tricks section if you use the search function.

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The first thing is to go through is the Camera Calibration process so you can have an accurate image. Then you need to either go through the passthrough steps or break the design into two parts hopefully with as many vertical places as possible, so if you are a half mm over it will be hard to see.

Then using the precision numbers on the bottom set the “X” location of the design to a simple number (like 8.00in) and cut one half of the design and make sure you use bed pins to make sure the material can slide in the “Y” direction only.

At that time, after you have used the set focus, where you want to connect, you can slide the material down and make sure the “X” direction stays fixed. From that. you can be sure the “X” direction stays in place and using only the arrow keys (or Shift+arrow for larger jumps) You can move the design into place extremely accurately even if the automatic system is not able to do so.

Hey, welcome to the forum. If you haven’t seen the threads about the pass-through beta, I would search for that, too. If you get in the beta the whole process is automated and very good.

It has been a while since I have needed the extra length in a single piece but I use the accuracy stuff quite a lot,


Sorry. Thank you.

Gary R.

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