Passport stamps for a missions conference

Tonight we had a missions conference to learn about different missions around the world.

My wife handed out little paper books labeled “My Passport” to kids to help them have some fun while their parents talked with the missionaries.

Each missionary had a stamp for the country they represented. So the kids could visit them and get the book stamped.

I engraved and cut the stamp rubber and cut out the EVA foam padding (between the rubber and the wooden handle) on the :glowforge:

A friend made the handles for me out of 2" dowel rod, cut down and shaped in his wood shop. They were designed to be able to stamp the top of them so you could tell the stamps apart.

I created 20 in total and they were a huge hit; better than the stickers they used last year. I created them for the local missions also, I didn’t want them be left out (like last year).

We plan to use them again next year and from now on. I will make new ones as additions are needed.

Here is the stamp cut file if anyone else can find it beneficial: (I didn’t include the local missions.)
Passport Stamps


Great idea and well executed.


I’m sure this was a huge hit. Well executed!!


Great idea. I love the use of the dowels…


These are great! I’m sure the kids (and parents) loved them. My son is currently serving a two-year mission for our church in Guatemala, and I served in Honduras when I was his age, so it’s fun to see those countries included in your stamps.


What a super idea! I’m sure this helped keep the children engaged and helped them remember the evening.


One of the kids pointed out the Ukraine looks like frog… now I can’t un-see it; I always think “frog” when I look at now.

If I had time I would have engraved the images on the handles. They are under 2" so is should work. Now that the event is over I may try, then they would be ready for next year.


What a cool project! You did a fantastic job on it.


Wii it w! Super fun!


Very nicely done. I can see this being a big hit.

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