Passthrough Alignment Jig Remix

So, I have been wanting to start using the Passthrough on my Pro for quite some time now but have been nervous about doing so since there isn’t a marked x/y coordinate on the bed. Despite having read a fair amount of info on alignments and what everyone here has to offer, I thought I could hold out for Snapmarks. Then a couple of customers came along so I have found myself forced to forge on (pun intended). Hopefully, this will help some of you who may be a bit nervous about using the passthrough like I was.

That being said, I like to have a constant reliable way to position items on the bed so I can ensure they will be properly engraved, especially since my machine is off by 8 clicks right and 19 clicks up @ a zoom of 500. It is even worse toward the outer edges. Much like @cchhun, this led me to expand on what @johnse posted back in '17 in his Passthrough Alignment Tutorial and some passthrough rulers designed by @Jules in Passthrough Alignment Jig Templates.

With some trial and error, I designed my AI template for the passthrough using Johnse’s tutorial and come to an acceptable placement for Jules’ alignment jig. However, what worried me was the ability to reliably place the ruler every time I wanted to use it and the issue of its ability to slide even with magnets. One thing I have noticed though, while the tray has room for error, the front door of the Pro does not. So I took Jules’ template, ran a test to ensure the proper placement as it related to the AI/GFUI file on my machine, then using a scrap piece of material, I inserted the scrap through the passthrough slot to butt up against the jig and marked where it met the outside bottom edge of the passthrough door. I then measured the distance and extended Jules’ template further out to encompass this measurement and allow me to make a connecting piece so that when placed in the :glowforge: it would ensure the exact same placement every time. The crumb tray doesn’t seem to have much play side to side so the only placement issue I was worried about was front to back seeing as we are using the passthrough slot after all. lol.

Here are some pictures as well as the template file. You may need to adjust the Kerf to fit your magnets and jig material. Mine are made of 1/8" Lowe’s Hardboard and my magnets are .503" in diameter, though my kerf adjustment was a bit off on the magnets. Also, you may notice the lines for the alignment are the same as the outer lines causing them to be cut when making the template. This was intentional, by cutting the lines it allows for easy use with thinner materials while avoiding parallax caused by the different heights since you can see the line all the way down the side of the jig.

Here is the Template (not sure how to get the SVG to upload correctly)…
Passthrough alignment Left jig.pdf (65.7 KB)

Here is my AI file I use with @johnse tutorial. I have included the AI template file I created for repeated use as well… (62.2 KB)

Hope this helps someone out. Feel free to disseminate and make any changes you see fit. And THANK YOU to everyone that offers their wealth of knowledge in this community!!! You folks make life easier for all of us.


Clever way to lock the ruler into place there. :sunglasses::+1:


Thanks so much for the files!


Thanks for sharing your files and knowledge. I agree that this forum is a valuable tool for all who use it.


Nice way to work through!

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