Passthrough Beta

I have used the passthrough beta and love it! My question today is: can you use the passthrough to cut letters that are NOT joined? Obviously, I could cut them without the passthrough, but wanted to save some wood and maybe time. Possible?

You’ll want to ask in the passthrough beta thread. Support isn’t able yet to answer beta features so they’ll probably repeat the same and lock the thread.


Yes, as in possible?

Yes, possible. It doesn’t care if the parts are connected or not.

Ok, I’ll keep trying. Thanks.

I don’t think it will save you much time, though.

I wondered that. It does take a “minute” to refocus and realign. But, it should save some material.

You could have a line or two outside the cut area, but more important I feel is the ability to have the same object in multiple screens. As you can be off by a fraction of a millimeter without issue you could actually do the job by bailing from the “automatic” feature part.

I have said this so many times, but I feel like I’m just not getting it properly conveyed:

There need to be audio cues in the UI when you hit all the various start/stops in the passthrough process. It takes far too long to align for me to sit here and watch it think about alignment, so I go start something else and invariably 25 minutes later I think “oh yeah I bet it’s finally done aligning” and then continue.

The passthrough software is great, it works really well a lot of the time, but this lack of cues is a significant usability problem. This simply be that hard, why is this not already done? GF devs can get the visual alignment system working but can’t/won’t even make the UI make a sound when it’s ready for attention:? It makes no sense.

And this is the best case! If I get distracted and finally come back to check on it only to see that it failed alignment, I get so frustrated. It’s time for sounds, use the speaker in the units, and make tones in the browser.

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