PassThrough crumb tray alignment clip

Hi there,

There is two problematic I see in using the Pass Throw in ‘‘manual mode’’
First, you have to got a repeatable X and Y alignment of the crumb tray in the machine
and then, you need to have your part position on the crumb tray, fix in X, and sliding in Y

The method I use is explained in @johnse post. ‘’ Passthrough Alignment Tutorial with Manual Indexing’’

What I improved was on how to have a repeatable crumb tray position in the GF, nothing more, the rest of the technique is all his

So here is a picture of a finished part at the jonction:

and a video of the same cut

So here is my setup on the machine:

I designed some 3D printed part to rigidify the crumb tray. They clip on the side of the crumb tray to push on both side and lock the crumb tray in the center.
The one on the left also have some nut insert to fix the ruller to the crumb tray
The one on the Right don’t need the nut insert (the one on the photo have nut, they were from a previous itération)

The screw and nut used are M4, the Nut is pressfit into the print, the screw is a 8mm long flat head screw (McMaster Carr 92010A218). The wood ruller was contersunk on the lower face to have a flush screw head

The ruller is really close to the X = 0 but sligtly in the positive (mine is at x = 0.75mm from 0 machine) could be cut to exact 0 with the laser.

I’m thinking about improving the ruller, like adding a notch to ‘‘clip’’ a ruller at Y = 0
I’ll keep you posted

Let me know what you think, and how it fit on your machine for the one trying it
I’m open to comment for improvment!

EDIT: it look like I can only post 3 attachment and 3 link in a post, so I deleted some, let me know if you want the part in step or a shared link for fusion 360 hub

The part I made for 4.75mm(3/16’’) plywood
GF_alignment-clip_4.75mm.stl (70.8 KB)

A version for any 1/8’’ sheet
GF_alignment-clip_.125in.stl (70.8 KB)

Right clip:
GF_alignment-clip_Right.stl (53.1 KB)

SVG: GF_ruller


Fusion 360 link:
Left clip:
Right clip:
Ruller :


step files:
GF_alignment-clip_4.75mm.step (53.2 KB)
GF_alignment-clip_.125in.step (53.4 KB)
GF_alignment-clip_Right.step (37.6 KB)


What a great idea for folks who have access to a 3D printer! Looks like a clever solution to tray wobble. :grinning:

And thanks for sharing the files. :slightly_smiling_face: