Pastel Acrylic Sheet Suppliers?

Hey all!

The only pastel colored acrylic sheets I’ve found are by Perspex and they are mainly based in the UK, which makes shipping insanely expensive. Do you have any opaque pastel colored acrylic sheet recommendations?

Hard to say, not sure what region you are from.

Where are you located? Lots of suppliers in the US - like Tap Plastics.

I’m in the USA.

i’m not sure how competitive the prices will be for you but inventables has a pretty large selection of materials and i believe they are based out of the USA Inventables

I’d check here

And I know Tap has some pastel. (If you’re in CA Tap is a great resource.)

Rowmark has a beautiful line called “Colorhues” with some pastels. A lot of them are translucent though and you have to find a distributor. Gorgeous stuff though.

(Looks like this GF gal carries the Colorhues actually! Might drop her a message and see what she has.


The Rowmark ColorHues are really lovely, I’ve been working with the light blue and lilac recently.

I purchased mine at

3 Likes does have some opaque pastel colors.

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