Patent frame



So…I’ve had these amazing art pieces by John Pattenden for years. I’ve always intended on trying my hand at making a frame for them, but life kept happening. :stuck_out_tongue:

No more excuses this weekend!

I used black core poster board for the mat…

and non-proofgrade acrylic for the cover…the picture, mat and acrylic are going to be sandwiched between two pg frames, with a pg wood spacer, so the acrylic needed to be pretty thin. The stuff at Home Depot did the trick!

Here is the back frame and spacer.

And here it is glued together.

Because I wanted to save some of the wood in the back for future projects, and needed some more thickness for the middle of the “sandwich”, I lasered two pieces of chip board to fit in the middle.

Here are the pieces mounted onto the mat and fit into the center.

For the front of the frame, I decided to decorate with another patent that has some meaning to me. I used the walnut plywood. The image was way too large for the engrave area of the glowforge, so I had to break up the image into four pieces (top, bottom, left and right, cut at void areas). After a few bad trials, lots of cursing, and realizing fisheye lenses and aligning by eye are not my friends, I ended up adding an x to each of the files and the wood to align everything.

I missed the alignment on the bottom just a bit, but the rest turned out great!

And here is the final product. Can’t wait to put this up in my office :).

Happy labor day!


Amazing design, as always!! :grinning:


Beautiful work and I love your choice of patents…


Adding text into the frame border was a cool design choice!


Look great!!
I have a couple of pieces of original comic book art that I want to do something similar for them.


What a tremendous fit of design to function!


Wonderful! Of course I had to look up the patent. Very subtle, to frame the vintage photos of optical inventions with an ultra modern optical patent.


Really nice, and a great starting point for my own ideas.


Like that effect a lot. :slightly_smiling_face:


Turned out great!


Marvelous project! :smile:


Nice job!


I’ve been pondering picture frames a lot lately (not sure why), but your design definitely gives me some very good food for thought, which, since my wife started me on a diet yesterday, is the only food I’m apparently allowed now :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Truly wonderful design and execution! Inspiring!


Oh wow! Adding the other patent to the frame is such a nice touch for this. I thought it might look too busy when you were first describing it, but I really like it!


This is gorgeous! Love the style and personalization.

Maybe I missed something in the writeup, but how did you attach the engraved front to the rest of the frame? Did you use the holes in the top of the back and spacer, or do you use that for hanging?


Double-sided tape was used. The hole is indeed for hanging.


Was nice to see your step by step photos. Beautifully done! A true treasure!


Good catch! :wink:


Beautiful work!
And my favorite painting in the background!