Path signs

Learned how to paint on this project. Made sign for the path leading to the chapel for my daughters wedding


These are awesome! Well done

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That’s really really cool! What a way to make the day even better.

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Lovely work!

Beautiful project and sentiments!

These are really beautiful - pretty spectacular actually!

Those are beautiful. I reckon you started with regular plywood and stained it dark? The flower details must have cost you a couple of hours of painting!

What an wonderful thing to have something so precious and beautiful hand made for your wedding. They are just gorgeous.

These look fabulous! Must have taken you awhile… :wink:

What a great idea and very well done.

Wow, what a labor of love. Congratulations on the wedding!

Agreed with everyone else - beautiful work. Congratulations to your daughter on the marriage and having an awesome parent!

Beautiful and congrats