Patience is a virtue, but

First, the good news: my GF PRO JUST ARRIVED and the box seems to be in pretty good shape (minus a couple plastic handles, but that seems to be the norm).

Now, the bad news: I now have to sit here staring at it until I can entice a friend or neighbor to help set it up :frowning: . [Quick backstory: I have Spinal Muscular Atrophy, a form of Muscular Dystrophy, and can barely lift a pound.] I was actually expecting it Monday (which is what My UPS was telling me), so I had lined up help for that day, but the UPS guy just surprised me today. I know patience is a virtue (and in the grand scheme of things, this is hardly a blip), but for right now, this instant, it’s driving me crazy!!


I’m so sorry to hear about your SMA. Also sorry you have to wait to get set up and running. I do think you will find a lot of joy with your Pro! Looking forward to seeing what you make!


Also sorry you have to deal with SMA. If I lived close I rush over and help you set it up! In Northern New Hampshire I’m not that close to anyone!


Thanks :slight_smile: . That’s a good point, though – Are there any GF’ers in the Dallas/Fort Worth area out there who want to come help/play??? (I’m on the north side of FW.)


I had to do the same thing - sit and stare at it until my husband got home. All. Day. Long.
(and he was late that night, which almost resulted in his early demise)

I know your pain. :no_mouth:


Since I obviously have some time to kill right now, I thought I’d share a little about my personal hopes for the GF:

As I mentioned above, I live with a genetic condition called SMA. Fortunately, I have a “relatively” mild form and still maintain a large degree of independence (though it does get harder each passing year). I can’t walk or stand or raise my hands over my head, but I can still get around (even drive) and do things with my hands at table height. I also have this insatiable desire to make things – even to the point that I often succumb to the urge to buy big power tools that I can’t even use myself (but I like having them available for when I coax a friend into helping). In the past decade or so, the advent of computer-aided manufacturing (and associated computer-aided design software) has opened up new possibilities for what I can do ‘in house’. I have two CNC routers, a 3D printer, and a whole bunch of electronics equipment (my background is electronics design). Although I still need occasional help (like securing a piece of wood to the CNC table), I can do a lot of the design work on the PC and ‘press a button’ to watch it become reality.

Which brings me to the Glowforge. The thought of an affordable laser cutter/engraver (sorry, @dan, but I refuse to call it a 3D printer :slight_smile: ) struck right to my core – which is probably why I jumped in on the crowdfunding opportunity early on the first day (and stuck with it through all or the delays). Finally, a machine that I can load myself and get a quick result on a variety of materials. In fact, I believe the hardest part for me is actually going to be opening the lid of the 'forge (and I have a plan for that as well)!

So, to @dan and all of those at Glowforge who made this machine a reality, it is with hopeful anticipation of a smooth setup that I say Thank You!



So glad you have the Glowforge. It sounds like a perfect tool for your situation. Looking forward to seeing what you can do with it. If I weren’t in Missouri, I’d be right over!


It’s not that far! What’s 600 miles between fellow Glowforgers?!?


Yes. Too bad I work weekends. I’d just probably go ahead and do it!


Thanks for sharing your circumstances. I think you’ll find the Glowforge is a game changer. It takes the place of a bunch of other tools, and there’s very little lifting involved. I think you will also love the Proofgrade materials, especially the finished ones like the plywood and hardwoods. It’s so nice to be able to take something you’ve made right out of the Glowforge, snap it together, and you have a finished product.


Oh man! What suspense you must be in! My girlfriend and I live in DFW, Lewisville to be exact. Not terribly far from you, sounds like. We ordered our Pro on day 2, eagerly awaiting our own email. If you’re still needing help I may be able to drive out for a few minutes tomorrow (Sunday) to help you lift and unpack? -Brad


I haven’t personally received my glowforge yet, but I know from what I’ve been reading that your going to love it. Also, sorry to here about your SMA. I too have a form of Muscular Dystrophy. It’s called Congenital Muscular Dystrophy that means I have very weak muscles all over and can barely lift 2 pounds so I know how you feel about having to wait for people to help you all the time. But I’ve learned that there’s always someone else in the world in a worse situation than I am in. I hope you enjoy your glowforge and don’t be afraid to post pictures of your projects. I love to see all the stuff people are making. :grinning::glowforge:


Appreciate it, but I finally conned a neighbor into helping me set it up (just about done). Let me know if you want to come out and play sometime though!


Excellent! I might have to take you up on that while we keep our fingers crossed for our own email and delivery. Enjoy and make cool things!! -Brad

Call it whatever you want - I’m just happy you have it, and can’t wait to see what you do with it!

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If only… anywhere close to Nashville and it would be time for a roadtrip.

I am waiting on my tracking info on mine. I am in North Richland Hills. I would love to come by sometime and see the new toy and watch you cut something.

Have you received your email yet. I got mine about 2 weeks ago and have already received my proof grade materials box. I just need to receive my machine.

Hi @frank1 yep I’m up and running! Delivery was maybe a week after my proofgrade box. If you have My UPS set up you can check your ‘delivery calendar’ to see if you have any deliveries on the way that are further out than 2 days. It’s harder to find so you might have to run a search for the calendar.