Pattern cutting for Fashion Designs



Dressmaking isn’t my thing, but I came across the profile of Autodesk’s Artist in Residence, Amy Karle where she links to a her process of laser-cutting - via Pepakura Paper Craft - unique patterns for dresses.

There’s a bunch of topics covered by her process, including:

There’s a Verge video highlighting the process here…


Okay, this is SUPER RAD! Thanks for posting!


I thought it was a different software, but is Pepakura Designer Edition.


Doh… typos fixed, thanks. :blush:


Wow, that’s beyond cool. Thanks for posting!


Just saw that video as a suggested post on Facebook and was coming here to share it. Like you, it’s not really my thing but I knew it would interest others here.


I guess with the size of the GF, we could do gloves? Or get our 1980s on and leggings? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


With passthrough you could do just about anything. Without, well, that’s what the extra space on the sides is for. (I think I’m going to design a little set of hold-down bars to fit on the crumbcatcher so you can do rolled paper.)


Very cool! A workflow I’d have never thought of but love the results.


All these possibilities…I’m dying to get my Glowforge. One day closer


“That’s fabulous!”


what…no “:squeeee:”?