Pattern has landed!


I took an early morning trip to UPS today, and picked up my sideways sitting Giant Cardboard Box. After getting it into the car and home, I proceeded to unbox, set up, and print the keychain. Total elapsed time was 40 minutes, but that had something to do with needing to clean up the desk top surface just a little, as well as realizing that reading the manual was the best way to get things set up properly :slight_smile:
I named my Glowforge “Pattern” after a character from the Stormlight Archive series by Brandon Sanderson. Pattern is a spren (sort of a fairy/sprite/magical creature) than bonded with an artistic human, and together they can make things out of light, so it seemed perfect!
oh, and I recorded it! (excuse the mess)


Thanks for sharing that first look! :sunglasses:


That is awesome! Thanks for the video!

But, I have to ask why you cut the keychain from the middle of your material?? :rofl:


HA! because… rookie? :wink:


happy to finally be able to contribute!


Love the video! (The high speed kitty was my favorite part!) :smile:


Depending on the design of course, I usually cut a full sheet in half or close to it (on a chop saw) so that the entire sheet can be accessed. Otherwise you end up with a periphery around the edges that can’t be reached.


She’s my favorite part too… though the forge is offering a bit of competition for my attention at the moment… :wink:


I was surprised the cat didn’t jump into the box to investigate.


Fun! I enjoyed dreaming of the day… Of course, I did spend some time wondering why you didn’t cut the keychain in a corner of the sheet. :wink:


I also wondered that! :joy:


Luckily, I think I can still take @PrintToLaser’s suggestion and cut it in half, and have barely any waste… as long as I stick to smaller designs for this draft board… over eager, I suppose :wink:


Aint’ no body here going to fault you for being eager! Having endured 2 years of a roller coaster test of patience, if you weren’t there would be something seriously wrong. :sunglasses:


My favorite part is where you first press the button. Also the hose out the window. :smiley: That machine looks so sleek!




Have you been reading the Oathbringer pre-release chapters with Pattern?


I haven’t yet… I wanted to let a bit of a chapter backlog build up. If it’s anything like the first books, I think “ravenous” was the proper descriptor for my reading style :mage:


My first “not just playing around” project was to measure that the opening in the window, cut a rectangle, and then cut a hole for the hose (with the forge, of course!). Now I have a perfect cardboard template to pattern something more permanent from tomorrow. A blast gate and weather stripping are in my near future!


Yep. Taking it out of the box doesn’t have to be a two-person job when you got powah! Unloading like a boss.

Thanks for taking the time to document and post the video! Always more things to learn.


That was a hoot to watch!