PAX East 2016



Hello fellow … Glowfolk? Forgers? What are we called?

Anyways, I wanted to see who in the world of Glowforge is going to be going to PAX East this weekend. I’ll be there all 3 days.

I know @PDWarne is going to be there showcasing what looks to be an awesome gaming system.

Who else is going? Are you an attendee or an exhibitor? Both?


You Americans seem to take the whole gaming thing very seriously and it seems to have entered your popular culture in a way which we just don’t have in the UK. I’m sure we do have conventions, but nothing like your ComicCon and such.
Shame it looks like fun.


Boston is only a hop across the pond from you! Easy to pop over, go to PAX East, then head back. :smile:


I WISH I was going to PAX east. So many good costumes and other cool stuff will be there. argh…


Glowforge investors & owners Max Temkin, Jordan Weisman, and Elan Lee will be there, I believe.


My favorite Cosplay (mostly because I’m a huge FMA fan):


It was a busy weekend, but I finally got to meet up with @PDWarne on Sunday. It was nice being able to meet people from here in the real world (although I don’t know if PAX would qualify as the real world). Got to talk to him about his game and the Glowforge for a little bit before I ran out to get lunch.


I havent seen that yet! Killer!


Was good to meet you @joe - hope you made it home safely. Saw several interesting laser-cut tabletop games at the show, including Breaker Blocks:

He has several game-related, laser-cut works at his site (Jake also made all the PAXe Megabooth Tabletop creators a laser-cut ink stamp which turned out amazingly well)