Should have asked this earlier, but anyone at PaxEast this weekend? Heading there in the morning with 5 tween/teens in tow, so that should be interesting. Kind of wishing I had nabbed an official press pass and gone solo for a day first, but here we are…


sadly, nope.

but it reminds me that way back in the early 2000s, my friends and i used to play battlefield 1942 on a server i had access to (my company had a T1 and the IT guy let me run a server outside the firewall at night/weekends). there were a bunch of us who played asheron’s call together and some of us knew a couple of the AC devs and one guy knew tycho and gabe. we ended up playing a few matches w/tycho and gabe on our side against the AC devs.

tycho and gabe were really nice guys. fun to game with. we were all sure a couple of the AC guys were cheating, tho. shooting down planes with main tank guns.


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