PC-300 Polycarbonate...Will I combust if i Forge it!?

I have a pretty decent sized sheet of .250" PC-300 polycarbonate that my employer gave me and i was wondering if anyone had any success etching this material? My only experience with anything similar is the acrylic the machine came with as a test and some cheap amazon .060" Acrylic that basically was used after testing to practice my baseball swing because they were horrible and good for nothing. lol Anyways back to the question…Will i die, combust, grow a third arm or get black lung from engraving this? im not so much worried about cutting because i can precut these into rectangles or sxquares at work, im just worried about heat transfer/gas coming from this material and messing up the GF or… my life… :slight_smile: Thanks all!

Attached is a pic of the label. I see it reads that its a “combustible thermoplastic product” So… maybe not?

It is not generally suitable for use in a CO2 laser. Only very thin sheets (like for facemasks) can be cut.

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Per https://www.ulsinc.com/materials/polycarbonate it’ll cut with some discolouration, but not engrave…

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Thank you @eflyguy and @deirdrebeth for the input. Kinda bummed as i just finished cutting these into the shapes i needed nut now come to find out it wont be good for engraving is a bummer. Thank you for your input and research!!

I mean, you have it, and it was free, and you now it won’t harm you - run some tests!

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I will definitely run some tests when i get home. i have a good amount and i’ve been obsessing over making those cool illuminating LED light designs.

I have a large amount of what I think is 3/32 and it will not cut on the Glowforge, it goes from completely ineffective to really flamey, I tried for a long time using up to as many as 5 passes I believe.

Oh wow… flamed is no bueno… maybe I’ll give it a quick pass with some water on standby lol thanks for the info!!

While this doesn’t answer your question, @Jules shared this a couple of days ago and could come in handy in the future.

Acrylic is your jam here.

Yes sir!! I’ll be trying it on this tomorrow morning as soon as I wake up!! :slight_smile: thank you!!