PCB's not covered

So I have had my GF for about a month now and some areas of the design confuse me. There is a huge fan at the back spinning at 13,000 RPM pulling all the smoke out, but it is doing this across all the wides and PCB down the side, this is causing a mass build up of left over mdf leather particles etc on the PCB board, around the base of the capacitors etc. It seem to be a huge design mistake not to simply put a plastic cover over the board or a similar cover as on the right.

Alternatively, seal the sides of the GF with a silicon that has a 90 degree angle simply covering the lower parts of the GF. Or a suction tube above the laser head and a sucking base under the crumb tray.

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Given there are over 100,000 machines out there and many of us have been using them for over 4 years now, I don’t think it’s anything to be concerned about.


I found this : basically the same idea…


5 years last week and this hasn’t caused any problems so far.


Dust accumulation can be a problem for high-voltage circuits (arcing), or for circuits with high power flowing through them (heating), but I think those are all on the “clean air” right-hand side of the machine.


Not unreasonable thoughts–but as others noted, and I can chime in with my 5+ years, and admit wondering the same thing. I do clean my machine & vacuum to minimize dust/dirt build up inside. Pending your choice of materials & frequency of use, you may want to do this daily, especially if you’re using draft board! Also adding an in-line fan system, e.g. AC Infinity, instead of the machine fan can help improve exhaust & removal of fine dust, too.

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