Peachy Printer Financial guy decides to print a house


over 320.000 CAD… I’m so sad people like this exist…

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Wow. Thats low. *shakes head *

The house is being built in Saskatchewan, the province next to me? Hold my beer while I go burn it down.


Heheh, I identify.
Andrews - Scottish/Irish, and the temper that comes with.
I haven’t had a restraining order against me for years now, but it wouldn’t be an eye for an eye.
its both eyes, all of the teeth and oh yeah, the house - for an eye … and if he could walk again it wouldn’t be my fault.


What an awful situation that got handled about as poorly as it could’ve been at every step along the way. The backers must be furious. I think there was a US case where Kickstarter money was misspent and the guy faced legal repercussions, although I doubt anyone got money back. I wonder if there is any sort of international recourse.

If someone is in South Korea, I’m not sure what their local police are supposed to do about a guy in Canada… Seems like advice to just make people feel like they’re being proactive…

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I’d like to get a reply from @dan regarding this.

Glowforge naturally came up in discussions on Reddit about this, and I’m sure the vast majority of us would love a bit of reassurance after this shakeup.

Losing $100 is one thing, losing $5,000 is entirely another thing, for most people that would be an unrecoverable loss.

To me, simple reassurance from the company would not improve my understanding. If Dan were to tell us that everything is wonderful and the GF tests are coming up perfect, how would I know any different? Seems like an honest guy but both Gandhi and Bernie Madoff seemed honest to the believers. I made up my mind on Sept 24th and so far have not seen anything that makes me reevaluate my purchase. We either accept that the company is on the correct path or we don’t. The difference with GF is that you can ask for your money back and so far those requests are honored.


Used my last like of the day there, but that deserves another. :thumbsup:
So far, my common sense hasn’t tingled.


They’re pretty different situations. Glowforge raised a ton of money before taking preorders. I’ve never had millions of dollars, but I’m willing to bet that the investors who gave millions to Glowforge weren’t cutting a personal check to Dan. And Glowforge has to report to investors. That probably includes financial accountability, too.

Not that someone couldn’t still embezzle money and fake all of the testing and stuff we’ve seen, just that the Peachy Printer fiasco wasn’t exactly masterminded. Dude literally just spent a bunch of money in his personal account, that only he had access to. For Dan, or anyone, to do the same thing with Glowforge would be pretty impressive.

Also worth noting that $300k dissappearing from Glowforge would be a much, much easier blow to recover from. They already committed like $100k just to say they’re sorry.


I think you forgot a zero. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


No offense intended, but people that can’t recover from a $5k loss should not be pre-buying anything, much less a laser cutter that has not yet been publicly released.


Interesting choice of "plausible rogues ". George Orwell wrote "Always judge a saint guilty until proven innocent "


Maybe he meant more unrecoverable in the sense that they wouldn’t have another $5k to drop into another laser printer. Versus $100 where most people could have that amount available more quickly and easily. And not unrecoverable in the sense that they couldn’t recover from the loss of $5k and would be destitute.

Because, whether anyone gets a glowforge or not, they’re out $5k either way (or $2k). The money being spent doesn’t change if a glowforge shows up in the mail…

Hi @willcfc - what would you like to know?

Unfortunately I don’t know how to offer reassurance in any way different from what a malicious scammer would say. It’s perfectly reasonable for you to decide this isn’t for you right now and ask for a refund. I hope you don’t because you’re one of the valued members of our community.

For whatever it’s worth, Peachy took my money too.


So Dan, how is the new house coming along? :kissing_heart:

First print was just a pile of spaghetti, now I need more filament


What were you trying to print?
ans " A pile of spaghetti."


Took my money too :frowning:

Mine too :frowning:

same, but to be honest, I never really expected to get a printer, im just sad they put another black mark like this on the industry


LOL I dunno. I’m not saying you guys ARE the peachy guys…I quite like everything you say, and expect to get my printer before the new year.

That being said, I can tell you that will be the final deadline I can hold out on. So I hope you guys get everything sorted, I REALLY want you guys to succeed!