Peacock Lamp Redux

Now with the skills I have learned using my glowforge, and gluing, etc I thought it is time to go back to some of my early ‘not so stellar’ projects and give em another pass…

Here is my peacock lamp…


It looked pretty stellar before, but you are right this is even better :star_struck:


I love your lamp and I have a name for it. Valentino

Back in the mid 80s I had a vicious ungrateful peacock in my life. His name was Valentino.


That is so pretty with the light behind it! I still need to make me one with the file you were so wonderful to share. Soon…




Beautiful and definite improvement!!


Very pretty when it’s lit up like that.


I did not think it was possible to make that peacock lamp better, but you did! Stunning.

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As with your first iteration - love it. You missed a bit!

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I need that lamp in my life.

It is not accidental that really arrogant men are called peacocks. Also if you cause a wild turkey and a peacock to fight the peacock will almost always win. Like many critters when the fight is done the loser will concede and the winner will stop attacking. The turkey is stronger but the peacock has no such concession instinct and will continue attacking while the turkey holds it self still in concession mode.


Absolutely beautiful!!

What? Where did he share that beautiful peacock file?

WOW. This is gorgeous! And not the least bit sub-stellar.

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This was a real peacock. My father had an estate maintenance and landscaping company. One of his clients had a mini farm and they had a real live peacock as a pet. Valentino had the run of the property.

Every time for almost 4 years when we arrived at the farm —-Mrs. Vann would come out of house and ALWAYS yell “Be careful with Valentino!” She was very concerned I was going to run over Valentino with the John Deere commercial tractor.

Valentino despised the tractor and he would run as fast as he could and jump up to attack me. I had to carry a spray water bottle for protection.

A few years later there was an incident. I forgot the water bottle and again Valentino is running towards me to attack me…The only way I could protect myself was to chase Valentino with the tractor.

Mrs. Vann happened to see me go after her beloved vicious Valentino and a few days later my father received a letter in the mail our services were no longer needed.

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As Artie Johnson as the German soldier in Laugh-In would say, “very interesting.”


I found the perfect settings for ‘fall off the bone tender peacock’
using 1/8" Baltic Birch, speed 241 / full pews.


Good to know. Thanks!

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