Peg Board Display Stand


I’d been trying to come up with a way to display my goods at an upcoming local Night Market. I use pegboard at home to keep things organized so I have tags already made for that purpose. So I went to Ikea (LOVE me some Ikea) and bought a couple cheap pegboards, spray painted them black, and made some ‘feet’ for them.

So now it’s a decent looking display that’ll work on a table top. It’s got a 15 degree tilt to make things easier to see on the bottom rows. I’ll try and figure something prettier out when I have more time but this was super quick and easy.



Clever idea!


Nice! I like that it’s got a graceful curve, and that it fits a standardized pegboard from IKEA. Thanks for the design!


Thank you for sharing your work. Looks really nice.


Thank you!


Not too shabby when it’s all put together! You can buy the pegs from Ikea as well, I forgot to mention that above. I can post the SVG for the peg tag if there’s interest.


I can see this acrylic used as the stands with your logo engraved.


That would be really pretty but I think it would be too thin to hold anything up?


Oh, right, didn’t look at that. Sorry.

edit; maybe with an extra black acrylic for stabilization.


I could layer it on top of the other acrylic though, glue them together … hmmmm. :thinking:


Great setup, especially with your statement keychains!


@gerlindeowl & @Janerlea: The .06" (or 1/16") is thick enough to hold up pegs, though, at that size. (I use it often for name badges.) However, I will note that it scratches pretty easy, so have polish on hand. Or just use a solid black and fill the engrave with paint. I achieve this look on my coasters by leaving the paper mask on and hitting it with the plastic paints by Krylon.

The chrome gold paint works well, too. I don’t seem to have a photo of it, though. MUCH cheaper with my method :wink:


I totally have interest and what material and thickness


I use medium draftboard for the peg tags. :blush:


First one is for keychains (can also work for necklaces) and the second is for earrings.