Peg Board Display Stand

I’d been trying to come up with a way to display my goods at an upcoming local Night Market. I use pegboard at home to keep things organized so I have tags already made for that purpose. So I went to Ikea (LOVE me some Ikea) and bought a couple cheap pegboards, spray painted them black, and made some ‘feet’ for them.

So now it’s a decent looking display that’ll work on a table top. It’s got a 15 degree tilt to make things easier to see on the bottom rows. I’ll try and figure something prettier out when I have more time but this was super quick and easy.



Clever idea!


Nice! I like that it’s got a graceful curve, and that it fits a standardized pegboard from IKEA. Thanks for the design!


Thank you for sharing your work. Looks really nice.

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Thank you!

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Not too shabby when it’s all put together! You can buy the pegs from Ikea as well, I forgot to mention that above. I can post the SVG for the peg tag if there’s interest.


I can see this acrylic used as the stands with your logo engraved.

That would be really pretty but I think it would be too thin to hold anything up?

Oh, right, didn’t look at that. Sorry.

edit; maybe with an extra black acrylic for stabilization.

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I could layer it on top of the other acrylic though, glue them together … hmmmm. :thinking:


Great setup, especially with your statement keychains!


@gerlindeowl & @Janerlea: The .06" (or 1/16") is thick enough to hold up pegs, though, at that size. (I use it often for name badges.) However, I will note that it scratches pretty easy, so have polish on hand. Or just use a solid black and fill the engrave with paint. I achieve this look on my coasters by leaving the paper mask on and hitting it with the plastic paints by Krylon.

The chrome gold paint works well, too. I don’t seem to have a photo of it, though. MUCH cheaper with my method :wink:


I totally have interest and what material and thickness

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I use medium draftboard for the peg tags. :blush:


First one is for keychains (can also work for necklaces) and the second is for earrings.


Hi Janerlea, I love your peg board stands. I would be interested in the SVG file. Thank you

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Hi @kelinzee, welcome to the forum!

Normally it’s against the rules to ask people for their files, but since this is a “Free Files” post, the file is actually right there in the first post for you to download. Just right-click on it and choose “save as” from the pop-up window. :slight_smile:


Hiya! I see Geek2nurse got here first but I was just going to say you may consider changing the file a bit once you have it. One of the stands I had snapped in transit because that front top part is too thin. Live and learn. I haven’t edited the file myself yet. You might be able to get around the issue by using a super thick acrylic. Just a heads up!


This is cool!

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Thank you. I’ll see what I can do with it. Thanks for the update.

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Im not seeing how I can save this design. Sorry, Im fairly new.