Peg Wood Hinge Help!

Hay all, I’m running into an issue using some peg like hinges.
In theory they should line right up when i fold this thing in half, but you’ll see from my pictures they are not. Does anyone have advice of what might be going wrong and how i can fix it.

please and thank you.

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I agree, logically that would seem to work - but wood has play in it. It looks like, from your picture that they are even at the hinge, but then widen as you fold over, possibly because the feet are wider than the pages so when you try to close it completely they’re pushing each other out of the way


If you take the feet off, does it close evenly?

good question, yes even with the feet off it does not close evenly, i was hoping with the feet on, keeping all the “pages” together would help, but it did not.

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Ok, but again it looks like at the hinge it is even. Is that an issue in reality, or just in the photo? Can you physically rotate that top page? If some of your hinges are installed pushed all the way in, and some are a touch out it could effect it that much by the time you get a few inches away.

good suggestions,
i hammered all the pegs down and printed a tighter fitting to hold them together
… but still off. do you know if its because the hinges aren’t placed perfectly even down the side? due to the design of the item, I placed the hinges in between each line of open square, but at the very bottom this is not that case. would not having the hinges in the design symmetrical be throwing it off?

Looking at this picture of the hinges, it appears that the legs of the 2 and 3 post hinge sections are of unequal lengths. It may just be an optical illusion, but if that’s accurate, then that would explain the mismatch when the piece is folded closed.


My question is whether you made specific p[arts for each leg segment, or did you make one part and duplicate it multiple times? Building specific parts could have introduced parts of different lengths and the issue, while using one common part duplicated would ensure that the hinges were identical lengths on each leg, leaving only the mounting hole positions to affect operation and symmetry.


yes they are duplicated, and in the digital file everything lines up
but thank you for your suggestion ill triple check my marks

Is it all glued together in this pic? The hinge is not seated all the way into its place and gets progressively worse to the top of the image. Something like that would cause that half to twist imo.