Pegboard mini vacuum accessory holder

 I have been making a lot of the pegboard boxes and holders. One in particular is the "Xcelite 99-series pegboard holders" made by markevans36301, of which I've made two so far. Well, as I was looking for more things to take out of drawers and put on the pegboard, I found a mini vacuum attachment set that I bought a couple of weeks ago, and knew I needed to hang that up. So with a minor modification to just the top and middle sections (leaving the sides, braces, and bottom as they were), I made me a holder. 

At Mark’s suggestion, I am offering the design here.
Please note that the top has just slightly larger holes than the bottom, as I found that I had to do a little filing to get my pieces to fit properly. I am not sure if I enlarged them enough, so you may still have to do a little filing.
Thank you Mark for your design! I know a few other things I plan to make with it!
Here’s the pattern.
pegboard mini vacuum


Thanks for the share! Always useful!!


You’re welcome! What I receive, I try to give back! :slight_smile:


Thank you for your generous share, and thanks to Mark as well.


Love these - I’ve been creating some as well - mostly for screwdrivers, bits, etc. I need to post some plans!


what’s the small piece for

As always, thanks for sharing.
A lot of people have not mastered the design phases and these files really help them.


Thanks for the pattern share. Any chance you can share the patterns for the other accessory holders that you’ve made for your pegboard? (screwdrivers, drill bits, etc.) I’d love to be able to hang lots of stuff on my pegboard as well.


New garage and this will be perfect for the pegboard wall. Thank you for sharing your file!


Nice share. Thanks!


It has a little longer brush head on the top, as opposed to the round one.

You’re welcome. There are several other accessory holders on the site - just click the search glass and type “pegboard.” I have used the pegboard box, small box, hook, small screwdriver holder, tape box, and 99-full. But yes, as I do more, I’ll be happy to share them.


Thanks for sharing. This is great!


Thank you for the share!

Mark has always made me wish I had a place to put some pegboard up. We’ve been re-organizing … so, maybe it will happen yet.


I like this. I was trying to make a kitchen pantry organizer in the fusion software but I am so new to the program I have yet to figure out how to maneuver around it and actually make my vision come to life. This is very useful. Thank you for the share!

You are welcome!