Pegboard pliers holder

 So I'm still playing around with adapting Markevans36301's pegboard holder to fit particular tools I want to hang up on my tool cart. I needed one for a 6-pc set of Kobalt pliers (plus one Craftsman), instead of having them in their zipped case or laying in a drawer. This is what I came up with. I may not have named the pliers properly, but I know what I mean!

I also used my Dremel (first time ever - I had to have my husband show me how to use it!) to adjust the holes on the drill and bit holder I had made previously from RoyandCody’s wonderful share, to hold my scissors, plexiglass cutter (for when I’m not using the Glowforge), and wire brush. I didn’t want to make another one, and my scissors and things had different sizes.

Have I said how much I love the designs people share? I couldn’t do this stuff without all of you!
Forgot to include the file! Sorry!
pegboard pliers holder


That is a great idea :heart_eyes: to have names to go with the holes!


Thanks! I figured it was easier than bending over to see which one I was grabbing!


Thanks for this useful file!


You are welcome!

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Look at your bits too… this is dreamy


Sweet! Thank you!

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Thanks, very useful!

By the way, the text at the beginning of your post is kinda weird and is cut off for me using the Discourse browser. It almost looks like an image that was pasted instead of actual text, so I only get a portion of the first sentence. :thinking:🤷

Thank you so much for these!

Yeah, I don’t know why it did that. Seems to do it on most of what I post. You have to tap the little arrow on the bottom right to read the rest of it. Can anyone tell me how to fix this?

You’re welcome!

On my iPad using the Discourse software, I don’t get a little arrow. But I just discovered that I can drag the text (it’s in one long string) from left to right and so read all of it.

Sorry, I don’t know what causes it.

You probably have some extra spaces at the beginning of the line

That’s what causes “code block” formatting.

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Ah, thank you for that answer! I appreciate it, and will make sure I am at the beginning of the line from now on! Who’da thunk?! :sweat_smile:

LOVE this idea. I made a holder for my pliers about 5 years ago out of 3/4" Baltic Birch. Cut slots for 12 different pliers and have always wanted to improve it. It works mostly, but not all pliers are the same. I have 2 robo grips, 2 vice grips, a host of different types of pliers (needlenose, clippers, wire specific) and really should make something that would fit them appropriately.

THIS gives me that idea so thank you for sharing!

You’re welcome! That’s why I did the slots, so that if the pliers went in head-down, it wouldn’t matter what they were. I did widen out the one for the “wire” though, as that head was a little wider than the rest.

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You could turn the text labels vertical to be able to add more descriptive names to each tool.

So clever, thanks for sharing!

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I thought about that, but I hate reading sideways! :slight_smile:

You’re welcome!