Pegboard SVG and How to Create a Specific Size Shape

I’m loosing my mind just a bit trying to make a pegboard on Glowforge. I need to be able to amke a specific diameter hole over and over in a line (pegboard). I cant find a cut file. Does anyone have any ideas or would be willing to make one for me to buy?

What software are you using?

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This is easy peasy in Fusion360, give me the specs and I can return a SVG.


It would help to know which design app you are using.

They all have the ability to align and distribute objects evenly.

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Actually, probably doesn’t matter which app you are using.

  • Draw a circle the size of the holes.
  • Duplicate for as many holes as you need in a row.
  • Move one over to one side by (number of holes -1) * spacing.
  • Select them all.
  • Use “Distribute horizontally” and “Align vertically” to make a uniform row.

If you want to make a grid, group that row, then repeat steps 2-5, but switching horizontal for vertical.


I have Procreate
Autodesk sketchbook
an Affinity designer which I do not understand

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But how do you make sure the diameter of the circles is always .5 inches?

OMG thank you!!!
12 x20
holes 1/2 inch or .5

I just did this for someone on my CNC forum using Inkscape and the tiled clone.

circles grid half inch

Not sure how far you want them spaced. And I adjusted for normal kerf so hole should be pretty much .5" in medium ply.


Sorry, I got watching a movie after work and almost forgot my assignment.

I’m not sure but @marmak3261 may have made you more what you are looking for.

Standard perboard is 1/4" holes on 1" centers, that is what I made you.
In the zip there is an svg but there is also a Fusion 360 file that you can edit to your hearts content. (178.3 KB)


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