Pegboards are useless and French Cleat Exploration

So over the last few weeks, I’ve been exploring a slightly new topic. French Cleats. I really think a lot of you here would really enjoy the creative freedom these bring to a workspace.

Here are a few images too:


So, an excellent presentation. I had this massive rebuttal in my head, and then you ruined it by admitting that you have used for pegboard after all. :smile:

I do think the hanger method that is best depends on the weight and how much room you have. I’ve used French cleats, slat board, and pegboard. They are all great, where they are great and not so great where they are not so great. In the lair, I find pegboard superior most places for packing lots of light items and slat board exceptional for medium weight items with French cleats being reserved for the heavy stuff.

Shaper Origin puts out a lot of free designs intended for French cleats, so I have become quite adept at adapting French cleat designs to slat board. I may well do that with some of these. Thanx!


HEHE… Ya I wanted to have that effect of WTF when you read the title. I would agree pegboards are great. But I don’t think I will even have a pegboard that is not on a cleat form now on. Makes it so simple to change out for something ells, or even just clean behind it every now and then. I’m glad you enjoyed it


Some awesome projects! Enjoyed the video, and thank you so much for your share!