Pen making and AI art

I’ve been in a creative slump recently, although not at the same time. I’ve been learning heavily about AI and have been running several AI models on my local systems at home and learning the in’s and outs of how they work and what I can fashion them to do.

This is a few of my most recent AI creations

Last night a friend and coworker asked me to make him a pen in trade for some equipment he was willing to trade me. I got to work and 4 hours later the “Azulian Mystique” pen was born

Now that I’ve made the pen, I’m gonna make him a case for the pen, and or possibly a leather pen holder, and I’m gonna use this to boost my creativity back into action.

Till next time!


Wow, those all look really cool! And that pen looks absolutely fabulous! Looks very comfortable to hold while writing. Good job! What a way to overcome a slump!


I have a writing disorder that sounds totally made up but is a legitimate diagnosis called Disorder of written expression, one of the things that happens when you can’t get your writing done, is that your hand cramps faster and that feeds back into the “I don’t want to write” feeling. I design my pens to reduce that hand strain


I love that dog!


Never heard of that, but then again, I don’t know many writers. Makes perfect sense though, to have a pen designed to help with grip and pain. Me, if I can’t write it in shorthand (which I’ve lost a lot of my touch on that, but still use it quite a bit to jot myself notes) or type it up, I don’t handwrite much at all. Although our daughters asked me to handwrite some of their favorite recipes when they came to visit in January. Which I did. I used to write a lot, journaling and stuff, but I really don’t like my handwriting, so that deters me a lot…


Ditto. I use a computer, tablet or phone for everything. It takes me a long time to find a pen when I need to sign something :slight_smile:

But I did decide to handwrite my (pre-) death letters. Figured that despite the quality of my handwriting, the whole point was they were from me and maybe they’d want to hold onto them as something a little more tangible of me.


That is good thinking but I’ll have to type it out, spell and grammar Check it and then hand write it.


Not to make light of your malidy but I can just see a board of specialists sitting around going “yeah, I’ve got nothing.”


Never would have thought of doing this. I’ll have to do this.


Oh yes! At the most basic, providing your phone/email password and any money accounts/life insurances you have (like, did you know that almost every credit union gives members a free couple grand of life insurance? Even if you only have a few bucks in there, it can mean the difference between paying for a funeral and having to borrow.) can make the time immediately after your death so much easier organizationally for your family. Also things that might not be in your will (like, did you become an organ donor recently), but you’d like your family to know you thought of. Taking the time to write personal things can also be hugely meaningful.

Everyone should have one - even if they think they don’t have anything to leave behind, it’s worth jotting down a note.


With our move and considering retirement, I was doing the responsible thing in terms of will, trusts, login info, etc. One of the things that occurred to me was to write a letter to each of my kids and my wife telling them things I haven’t been good at making sure they knew (I’m not good at emotional conversations) that they’d get when I was dead - “open upon my death”.

But then I thought, why should I wait for them to know it when I’m dead? It’s too late for it to impact our relationship then and maybe they’ll want to tell me something that I won’t be able to hear. So I’m doing pre-death letters I’ll send to them this year. We won’t see them as much in person with the move to NC so I think this is a way for me to let them know how proud I am of who they’ve become, how they’ve grown up, what they’re doing with their lives - things that I think I’ve told them in many ways but not quite as directly and clearly. Hoping to prevent a “wish I knew that while he was alive” moment for them.


Similarly, I made a folder on my computer with important stuff for those left behind to know. Not earthshaking and much of it mundane…but, important. This reminds me too, of years ago when I wrote letters to each of our kids…in some ways apologizing for things that I did badly, wrong, too much of, or not at all when they were children. I just wanted them to know that I did recognize them…and of course the first thing my son said was " Mom…are you dying?" Like punctuation and capitalization, context is important. :grimacing: :smile:


Who’d have thought we’d get this kind of quality content on a laser forum?
I truly consider many of you my people despite the fact that we have never met in 3d.


I know I’ve told our girls that info (passwords, where the key to the safe is hidden, etc), but yeah, to have it written down would be good. I have all of our banking info written down in the safe, mainly for my husband, as I do all the banking/paying bills, and he’d have no clue. Not that he couldn’t do it, but I have it down to a system and he just trusts me with it. I did know about the life insurance through credit unions, and we do have that. We don’t need to worry about funeral, because we found that because my husband is a veteran, both of us can be buried for free, and we have made the girls aware of that.

@Xabbess, when we were getting ready to move to Tennessee, we had so much stuff we couldn’t bring, and gave a lot of it to our kids. And that was the first thing they asked us - “Are you guys okay? Is someone dying?” Especially since a lot of it was BIG stuff - guns, large safe, furniture, pictures, etc. We thought it was strange they would think that, considering they knew we were planning to move across country.


I would be so moved to get a letter like that!


Ditto. I talk about many of y’alls stories to my local friends in exactly the same way I do with their stories, because my friends do cool stuff!


I’ve started telling my friends “I love you” on a regular basis. Who knows when we shall die? I don’t want a I wish I had told her… moment.

That’s a gorgeous pen, and I’ll bet it’s a pleasure to use.


Hock made my precious Jimmy Wayne Westie into an AI version.


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