Pendant hole for wood earrings

Hi all,

Can someone please tell me how to add a pendant hole for wood earrings in Inkscape.
Each time I try by grouping the hole disappears.
Thank you,

Can you show us what you mean? I think maybe we’re having a terminology mismatch, because “grouping” should never cause what you’re describing. (What you’re describing sounds more like a “union” than a group) Maybe you think of grouping differently from how I do.

If you can upload your art and take us through it we can give you solid advice.


This is the earring I want to print out but the hole continues to disappear.

Adinkra-nkyinkyim (Square Zig Zag)

I select the circle, ellipses icon for the pendant hole.
I then place the circle where I want and go through the following process:
Path, Object to Path, Object, Group. At this point, the circle disappears.

Am I missing something?

I’m sorry, my process is the following:

Path, Object to Path, Object, Ungroup, Path, Union.

It’s your union that is the problem. Union essentially says merge these shapes together. Since your circle is inside your overall you’re in shape, they get merged into one big sheep. The overall earring shape just absorbs the circle at that point.

But when I upload in Glowforge the circle does not appear.

Take your image and use Trace Bitmap.
Place the circle where you want it. Make sure it is on top.
Select the circle as well as the background.
Click Path, Difference.
It should punch a hole through the background.

I will give it a try now.
Thank you

Your ellipse is in the file. Change the black fill to an outline and you’ll see it.

note: I opened this with Adobe Illustrator


Sounds like you want to use “Difference” or “Exclusion” instead of “Union”.

But, it sounds like you really don’t want any of those. Yeah, what @hansepe said! if you change the colors of the paths you can control which cuts first. Then cut the hold first, then the outline. (Make the hold black and the outline blue and that will work.)

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