Pendant light lamp cord fixture kit

Anyone here know of any cool, affordable, stylish source for something like this? Switch and dimmer on the cord is preferred, as well as braided fabric cover…

I’ve got a project or 3 of pendant style lamp shades I’ve designed that I want to try out, but looking to find some cool hardware to use with each of them. :wink:

I’ve already done a bunch of searching on Google and various sites, and found some things to order and try, but wondered if anyone here knows of something different or unique that I may have not discovered yet. :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance!

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This one looks cool, and appears to have a way to fasten a lamp shade to with a retainer ring and threads on the outside.

Fantado Modern Pendant Light Lamp Cord


Cheapest braided cord one I’ve found here


IKEA sells plastic ones for $6, braided for $10:


This, can’t beat ikea prices. I’ve modified a lot of those. If you find yourself in Europe you can take a look at they carry pretty much every type of braided cord.


You might look at this company Although not particularly cheap, the choices are extensive.


I like Ikea’s because they come in several colors and the price is definitely right. I made this cardboard and paper lamp with a pretty green one. It doesn’t have a switch, but you could add one or plug it into a timer like I did. It comes on in the evenings and turns off at bedtime.


that’s lovely. i keep meaning to either order some or drive the 90 minutes to get them; i want to hang some grow lights in my loft for my little planters.


Great idea! My closest Ikea is only 45 minutes away, but it’s a pain and my husband hates going (except when he’s eating meatballs). However, he does feel strongly that our marriage is secure because it’s survived so many trips.


Yeah, totally. And I designed the first one based on one of those cheap white ones from Ikea. And it works fine, but looks awful… :confused: and looks cheap. I wouldn’t buy one with it as a fixture, and would be embarrassed to sell a really nice lasercut piece with poor looking hardware… but yeah, the price is right! :wink:

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haha for sure! i do think the braided ones are nice though, especially if you put a shade on the end!