Pendent Madness!

Alright, so Harrison enjoys giving me grief when I try usig him, but nothing that I can’t fix eventually (cooling errors, and saying that it’s offline). Anyway,I decided I would test out the free pendent design by using a couple of designs.

The first image is from an amazing artist: Liamashurst. I love everything that he does, and I knew I would be borrowing a design or two for personal use as soon as I obtained Harrison. My wife asked for something for herself, and with her love of cats, I knew this one would be a winner!

The second image is of the mascot for Kahuku high school. Basically, you can’t go anywhere without seeing this image; school pride is so important!

Third image was a last minute gift idea. First birthdays are celebrated more so than most birthdays here, and we have some friends doing a party for their baby girl today. My wife realized we hadn’t gotten her anything, and so Harrison came to the rescue! I’ve mentioned that I’ve worked with vinyl, and have acquired a ton of fonts. I thought this crayon one would be nice, added some party poopers, and threw it into the UI. Not pictured is when I flipped it over to print her name, and the print started engraving more to the right than I had placed. Odd bug, but I hurried and cancelled the print, placed my SVG a little more to the left and got it centered. Not sure how many others have experienced this, but I’m sure a soft rest of the machine would fix it considering it had happened with my death star print, but none after that (with a couple of power offs in-between) until this particular print.

This machine really has been a joy to use, and if anybody is still waiting for theirs, you will fall in love once it has been setup and start helping you with your creations!

The notch at the bottom of the birthday one is me trying to inch out every bit of space of a proofgrade board :rofl:


:smile: I do that too! (Still!) Those all look great!


Yeah, always trying to get every inch I can. My first piece of proofgrade is starting to get a little spare for content.


You can use the back if you don’t take off the masking. :wink:




Nice! I like the crayon font, perfect application!

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