One of my favorite puzzles is called “pentaminoes.” A pentamino is a shape made by joining five squares together along their edges. There are twelve distinct ways to do this, not counting reflections and rotations. A complete set has one of each.

Since there are twelve pieces in a set, each with an area of five, the area of the whole set is 60 squares. So it’s no surprise that the most common pentamino puzzle is a 6 x 10 rectangle.

Here’s one I designed for the GF. I’m more than pleased with how it came out.

Top of the case for the puzzle.

Pentaminoes puzzle with the top removed showing the puzzle in its 6x10 frame

How the hinge unlatches the top. The bottom layer is the back of the case. The middle is the puzzle frame. And then there’s the top with the hinge.

The back of the case.

You’d be surprised how hard it is to put all twelve pieces into the 6 x 10 frame. It’s all the more surprising when you know there are 2,349 distinct ways to do it.


This is just gorgeous! I’ve never seen a game like this (I know, I live under a rock) but I really like it.

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Great job.

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Since we’re showing ours, here’s a set I borrowed off of the web (licensed for commercial sale, I promise!) and have made a dozen of to sell on the web and at an event this weekend. Crossing my fingers on that, but I’m happy with the result.


Oooh, I like that one, too. Whimsy. I should do more whimsy.


Most of us should.


If those are pentaminoes then what are the black pentagons with different numbers of white dots near each face?

Dodecahedral dice, if I had to guess. Pentaminoes don’t roll too well. And the sides are the same or mirror images. :wink:

I was thinking more like this


I have a game called Heximoes that has that configuration of dots, but with six sides.

Yes but they will always fit, The fact the pentagon dominoes create dead spots I think would increase the challenge a great deal and be a focus of the fight

Very interesting

With “Heximoes” as a clue, google-fu seems to indicate five-sided tiles used to play a domino-type game are called “pentimoes.” But very little info is available.

I can certainly understand why the fact that pentagons won’t tile the plane could add interest to such a game. It would be interesting to build one and see how playing it goes.

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Fantastic! What a well conceptualized project.

Very nice! Love how the box design integrates into the frame. :grinning:

What a pretty puzzle!

Very cute … Love the animals and colors!

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Excellent job. Congratulations

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What a great piece and really love the whole case concept for the puzzle.