Perfect cart for glowforge!


Fits perfectly and looks great. :grinning:



Anyone have thoghts on how this might be? I know some stated something similar might be noisy.



Did you decide to get that cart? I saw one like it on eBay that is similar, and thinking about getting. I am not a Costco member.



No. I haven’t gotten anything yet. I just have it on my desk.

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I just reread this entire thread. Has anyone actually used the FLYTTA cart from Ikea (or similar stainless steel type cart)? I saw that I can get it for around $188 or so shipped. I see some conflicting information in this thread. Some say it’s perfect, others say it would wobble too much. Just hoping someone that has one could chime in and give some feedback. I definitely don’t want to spend $300+ on the home depot cart, though it looks nice. I am half tempted to make one out of 2x4’s and some casters, but the cost of the casters is significant. My cart will go in the basement, so one of those 200 lb drawer carts isn’t a good option.



I still say go with this one. I and several others have it and it works fantastically well. 199 with free shipping on amazon if you have Prime.

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Thanks, I saw that one. It does look pretty nice, but it’s about 10 inches wider. I was hoping to stay around 36-38" because I’m putting it in a space that is around that size.



I ended up getting a similar cart to the FLYTTA as suggested here. I went with Amazon though, so it wasn’t the same cart. It’s a “Seville Classics” stainless steel cart. @alicedebodesigns had mentioned the wood version of this, but I wanted something that would match my work space a little better so I went with stainless.

Here is the cart:

I also got an extra shelf and the casters.

It feels pretty sturdy and I think it will work out fine. I’m still in the process of moving it to a new location (picture below) but I will report back when I do some more testing to make sure it is sturdy enough. I definitely like the extra room and shelf storage. I am also thinking about getting a couple of baskets to put on the bottom shelf for smaller items like the wipes, cleaning supplies, etc.

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I’ve been cutting and engraving on my Stainless Steel cart now for almost a week. It has been working very well. I was initially a little concerned about some very small/potential wobble, but I don’t notice it and there are no issues in what I have cut or engraved.


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