Perfect cart for glowforge!


Mine is on a table made from plywood and lumber (2x8’s for legs, 2x6’s for the top’s frame and 2x4’s to stabilize the legs) and is on four cheap casters. I have no problems with sturdiness. That mobile workbench is probably more than solid enough.

My table is just barely wider than the glowforge (happy coincidence as it was built for something else) but it is probably a foot or more deeper. I find I spend a lot of time in front of my unit and having space to fiddle with stuff, set stuff, etc… is very helpful. If you had a table/bench nearby, that would work just as well. I know other people have slightly short (width-wise) tables and I haven’t read any complaints.

If you have a Pro you do have to consider how you will support any material protruding out the front and back making a deeper table helpful.


Note that the 38" is the full width of the Flytta Cart, which includes the handles. The top surface is 34 3/8" (I swung by Ikea on the way back from a camping trip to take a look). Using the handles as supports, I can think of some cool (laser cut, natch) ways to expand the top surface (or you could just make a 40" wooden top and rest/attach it to the top). I might pick one up and give it a shot, because I like the height and mobility of the cart.


I did end up going with the cart from Home Depot

This shipping weight for the cart was 115lb, and most of the packing was foam, so I expect the cart weight is around 100lbs.

The legs are welded in a “H” configuration (two sets of 2 legs welded to a crossbar made of the same tube steal). Top of each leg bolts into the surface via four beefy hex bolts. I’m sure that the top and legs could support the claimed > 600lb capacity. The casters are impressive quality, though when installed they make the cart feel slightly tippy (… or at least such that I would be worried if it has a 600lb load).

With only the glowforge (and materials) loaded, I expect this cart to be rock-stable, and the casters are big enough around it should be effortless to move where ever I need

So all told I’m happy with my choice. (may be more (or less) pleased once I really put a glowforge on it)


This is so helpful, thank you!! I love the cart- mobility is huge for me
too. Appreciate your research and communication through this. Just got an
email- my glowforge arrives TOMORROW! Yay!


Another option is the CB2 Go Cart Desk.

You could go with smaller Go Cart, but the Glow Forge would hang over the edges.


that is awesome! I hope we find something like that! My Glowforge is due to be ready for pick up at UPS on Tuesday!!


I was just looking at these Alex drawers but couldn’t tell for sure if the inner dimensions of the drawers were large enough to hold the 12 x 20 proofgrade materials. Do they fit? The one place I found someone giving dimensions they were slightly too small.


Yep! I bought them and they work great. Drawers have smooth action and plenty of room for the materials. I am referring to the 26 3/8x26 drawers, here.


Absolutely! I bought one before the holidays and just added a second one last month. These are perfect for full sheets of PG, with room to spare!


I’m a little late to this thread, but I put our GF on this Kobalt workbench because 1) I wanted drawers and 2) casters seemed like they’d introduce some instability and I didn’t want to risk the GF wobbling while it was working. It’s working out really well so far! I keep my PG materials in two of the drawers and my tools in another.


Awesome thanks. I will probably get 2 of these then.


Thought I should also throw my 2 cents in here as I referenced this page a lot when I was looking at potential carts. I ended up going with the Husky mobile work bench. The top drawer is the perfect dimensions to fit 2 full size proofgrade sheets side by side and the cart as a whole is very sturdy with a built in handle to boot.


Great topic, yeah now that we have this heavy beast what do we put it on… I had ours on a 4ft colaspsable table but I use that for shows so I got this at Costco and it’s great for a tall guy and the metal frame and large lockable casters will be great to access pass Thru slot if needed.


Yet another “Perfect cart for glowforge”. Sturdy, inexpensive, flat top exactly the right size to support the Glowforge. Won’t rust, with shelves for supplies/hose and locking wheels. The Luxor EC222-G Cart (3 Flat Shelves, 18" x 32", Gray) is just under $100 from Amazon with free shipping:


I’m just wondering if you are storing your GF on top of this? Or are you just using for storage of PG materials?


I wondering how you felt about this once the GF was on it. Also, how hard was it to put together?


No, the drawers are not nearly large or sturdy enough (the casters do not have brakes). I store mine on the Seville work table

Which these drawers fit very nicely beneath.


It is great. Very sturdy and I love being able to keep a few tools in the drawer. It was not hard to assemble.


I wondering how you felt about this once the GF was on it. Also, how hard was it to put together?

I’m happy with it - it was easy-ish to put together. The only slight tricky bit was some of the holes for the legs was slightly out of alignment, so some force was required to put the last screw in

Its an incredibly tough/strong/heavy cart. I think its a good match for the GF.

Its slightly narrower then the GF but the GF feet are fully supported by it.

My only request/complaint is that I would have liked it a bit shorter.


Here is an updated picture with the GF on the cart: