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Since you engrave gunstocks @wenning08 for people who appreciate wood and fine engravings on them, I thought you might be interested in this story that shows the personal and historic impact of the type of wood used in a gun stock.

A friend’s father landed in France on D-Day and fought his way with other Allied troops across France, Belgium and into Germany. All the German soldiers had gorgeous Walnut stocks on their rifles, but as he moved further east toward Germany and collected the rifles from fallen German soldiers, he noticed that the guns no longer had Walnut, but plain pine for stocks. The moment he saw these pine gunstocks, he knew that the Allies would win the War. The Germans could no longer produce the quality and amount of weaponry necessary to win the war.

I always found this observation of his to be one of the more fascinating stories I heard from WWII soldiers, and the wood used in gunstocks.


That is very interesting indeed. Thanks for the story.

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Awesome. I’ve been looking to do a shotgun stock for awhile now. How did you hold the forearm and stock?

Also is the lettering upside down when shouldered?

The way this gun is designed this is the correct way it goes. It slides down into a track to attach instead of the normal kind that is opposite. To hold it I just added scrap wood to each side to level and hold it into place

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Remember his biggest fear is that you sell them for what he told you he paid for them, if something happens to him.


This is STUNNING. I can already see lots of people in my area that will want this done once my GF ships out lol. I would love to get the settings you used as well

Thank you.

For this I used Settings: 1000 speed, full power, vary power, 270 lines, wipe off residue after

For future reference, I post all of my settings in one place if you want to check them out feel free: (open with a computer)

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Might want to put the settings in a post over in Beyond the Manual, if you don’t want the whole thread moved over there. :slight_smile:

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