Perfect project for the glowforge - interesting Cabinet design


Saw this on reddit and couldn’t help but think the glow forge is perfect for this.
Great use of the living hinge.


That is some crazy tiny cutting kerf.


Wow! Surprised @jules hasn’t made one of these already!


:rofl: Waiting for that pass through. Rofl! :wink:


now that is cool.




Beautiful work!

I would wager the wood is attached to a fabric of sorts, like canvas to get that degree of flexibility and tight fit between the pieces.
I would guess the wood was probably cut with a veneer blade to keep from dusting too much of the material so the grain would match up best. That would have been a pricy piece of wood!
I love how the material is ‘butterflied’ to reflect up, down and side to side! Artistry. :heart_eyes:


Well that got my attention.


I also suspect it is built much like a roll-top desk. Still gorgeous


That’s awesome. Even if you don’t have the pass through, you can make a cute little stand up jewelry storage box. Great find!:grinning::glowforge:


OT, but boy does that make me miss Phil Hartman.


He is sorely missed…


Whoa! That looks so cool